A new era has begun.

And this era is yours. A mystic at heart and a visionary by soul. One who dares to dream beyond the status quo.

The quiet rebels, the alchemists, the luminaries and paradigm shifters are rising once more — the time when mystics live hidden in the forests, sharing their magic only with the few who know of their secret existence, has passed.

You are the one who is changing the world from the inside out. The mystical weaver whose work echoes through the subtle realms, shaping and forming the future of how we exist, as individuals, and as a species.

And this is your community.

As we are taking our first steps, and our group is still small, the community will live on Telegram for now. Once we feel like we get too many people to keep the Telegram chat relaxing enough, we will move to a place that can hold more people without getting too overwhelming – and you'll get to part of the decision process once the time has come.

But for now, join us here: